Memphis International Rockabilly Festival

I was born in MEMPHIS just a few blocks from a little recording studio owned by Sam Phillips. About 6 weeks later a 19 year old Elvis Presley would record THAT'S ALRIGHT MAMA in this studio and the world would never be the same. Over the next couple of years artists like Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Elvis took this "Rockabilly" music all over the Southland and beyond. So I was thrilled  to be asked to provide the voice-over and production for the: 1st Annual MEMPHIS INTERNATIONAL ROCKABILLY FESTIVAL.

Keith Cadwallader at Lenz Crack Productions did a great job with animating the video.

Rick Tarrant with Jack Parnell on Elvis Radio

Here's another radio blast from the past, although not too distant past. This was captured a few years ago when I was program director at Sirius Satellite Radio's ELVIS Channel. My guest this Sunday afternoon was voice actor Jack Parnell. This is a short edited aircheck. If I can find the original it would be fun to hear the long form conversation.

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Radio Memories

Here's a blast from the past. I came across this composite aircheck of Memphis radio stations I've worked for, with samples from WHBQ - WDIA - WODZ (formerly WMPS) and finally ELVIS RADIO / Sirius 13.

I must confess, hearing these snippets makes me miss the radio business I used to love so much. But it's not the same business that I got into when AM still ruled the airwaves.

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