Give to the Kids at St. Jude

So, it is official. I won’t be able to run the St. Jude Half Marathon that I had been training for all summer. My physical therapist says my knee injury is not healed yet. I know that injuries are part and parcel with most athletic sports, especially for those of “a certain age”, but dang! Molly_StJude

This makes the second St. Jude event that I have not been able to take part in. Last year’s marathon was canceled at the 11th hour due to icy streets.

Then I am reminded of why I was participating in the 1st place, to raise much needed funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that is making a life or death difference in so many kid’s lives.

While our family has not needed the services of St. Jude, we do know the importance of having specialized treatment available for childhood diseases. My sweet grand baby, Molly, was born with a vascular condition that is being treated at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

Every good marketer knows that your message should have a Call To Action – so CLICK THE LINK, and, as Marlo Thomas says, “Give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not.” 

You are awesome! Thanks!