Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Voice-Over?

Rick With Cardboard Sign I’ve watched with piqued interest the Ted Williams story that broke about two weeks ago. You know, the homeless man with the “golden pipes” story.

One day he’s homeless on a street corner selling his voice for a “dollar a holler” and the next he’s appearing on network radio and television and being offered big time voice-over gigs that many voice actors will never live long enough to see.

When I first saw his video my heart really went out to him. I thought, “there but for the grace of God...” and said a prayer for him.

I went through a tough time a few years ago and I’ve often thought that had it not been for my loving wife I might have ended up carrying a cardboard sign. I began to understand why the hobos of the Great Depression hit the road.

Unknown Blues Singer

In your pocket not one penny and as for friends you don't have any...

If I get my hands on a dollar again I’ll hang on to it till that old eagle grins

“Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out.” - Jimmie Cox (1923)

When you are down and out, whether through poor choices or life circumstances, it can be hard to get back up without a helping hand.

I was happy to see people offering Mr. Williams an opportunity to use his God-given gifts. I hope that he can parlay that help into a successful second, third or fourth chance.

Everybody should get another chance, especially in America.