St. Jude Memphis Marathon

Tyler_Alyssa_StJude They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It appears that in my steps towards this year’s St. Jude Memphis Marathon event… I have stumbled.

You may recall that last year’s Marathon was canceled due to icy roads, bridges and overpasses. Some of us went ahead and ran the course anyway. And like the old Elvis songs says, “I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell”! But all was not lost. Collectively the event raised over $ 8 Million for the children at St. Jude.

So this year, as soon as the cold weather abated, I laced up my Brooks and hit the asphalt again. By August I was running about 3 miles every couple of days and I had actually shaved 2 minutes off my average mile from last year. So I guess I was feeling pretty jiggy when the 1st St. Jude group training event rolled around. That is when I forgot to heed the cautionary words of Coach Kevin, “run your own race at your own pace.”

That’s right. I thought I could keep up with the faster kids in the class, and I did… sort of… until about mile #3 of our 4 mile outing. That’s when something in my left knee decided the gig was up! OUCH!!

Since then I’ve been applying ice, bandaging, cold laser treatments and getting chiropractic adjustments. But my running has been reduced to walking. I confess I’ve been a bit whiney but then I think about the kids who have a real fight on their hands, the kids at St. Jude. It’s hard to imagine having to endure surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, while other kids are just being kids.

So we run the race. (Some of us will walk) We remind folks that we are fortunate to have a place like St. Jude to turn to when our kids are sick and we are scared.

Thanks for helping keep St. Jude a happy refuge for families who have children fighting cancer..

Be well,