ISDN Voiceover Session At Ardent Studios MEmphis

Most of my work through the years has been recorded in my home studio. Which is great until I need to connect with another studio via ISDN. That's what happened last week when  New York called to book a session. I suggested MEmphis' ARDENT STUDIOS because all of their studios have ISDN. Some amazing artists have recorded at ARDENT from B.B. King to Z.Z. Top. (Some of my faves would be James Taylor, Bob Dylan and  Led Zeppelin) So it was a thrill to breath some of that BIG STAR air in the vocal booth.

If you need an ISDN equipped facility in MEmphis give ARDENT a call. Booking manager Dan Russo can hook you up.

Rick Tarrant At MEmphis Ardent Studios

So why the picture of the old school recorder? When I was production director at WDIA (America's 1st all-black programmed radio station) that MCI 2 track was my daily work horse. I don't have room for one in my studio now but it's good to know that there is still one not far from me at Ardent.

The next time I'm over there I'll snap some shots of the Scully 4 track that I first learned how to produce on.