Vocal Exercise - Civil War Letter

A few months ago my friend Jack Parnell shared with me how he likes to record poetry and song lyrics as a vocal workout. This might explain why he sounds just as good and performs just as well today as he did 30 years ago. While I am fairly diligent with my physical exercise, I sheepishly admit that I have room for improvement when it comes to my vocal exercise.

So, I was watching Ken Burns: The Civil War on Netflix where I heard an excerpt from a letter written by a Union officer that captured my attention. I found the full letter on Wikipedia and thought I would try my hand at recording it.

Union Officer - Major Sullivan BallouIt was written by Major Sullivan Ballou at the very beginning of the War Between The States, or as some like to call it: The War of Northern Aggression!

Major Ballou's letter is all the more moving when you learn that he was killed one week later at the 1st Battle of Bull Run. (July 1861)

Thanks for listening.



The "Less Is More" Voice-over

A couple of years ago, while attending a Bob Bergen (aka Porky Pig) workshop, I was instructed to pull way back on my delivery in order to have stronger impact. It's sometimes easy to forget in a world of high energy car commercials. But here is a car ad which proves the point ... less is definitely more.


Okay so Michael C Hall is borderline creepy. Did I say "borderline"?

So, here's one that gets my MAN chromosomes revved up'


Remember, less is more... unless of course you're selling