Tom Dooley, Master Media Ministry, Dallas, TX

My friend Rick Tarrant is a consummate professional. I've known him for about a hundred years! Well, maybe not that long but we go back a long long ways. I've always respected Rick Tarrant as a great producer when it comes to audio production. And not only that, but his voice is so unique. He is one of these great voices that just kinda smiles at you. It's bright, it's full and he has such a way of convincing you that he is really a part of what he is talking about. I've found Rick to be one of the easiest guys ever to work with. And he just does quality work, he uses the finest microphones and audio equipment.
Rick is the kind of guy you can count on to get it done when you need to get it done. so...USE HIM! 


Jack Wells Jr., Great American Home Store

“Rick has always been on time and easy to work with. We find his work to be more than we expect each and every time.” 

Dan Carter – Master Video – Memphis

“We continue to work with Rick because of his drive to go above and beyond. Every project he does is of the highest quality and delivered right on schedule. Rick makes the whole process easy from start to finish.”

Jim Kirkland, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“I’ve known Rick’s work for 20 years, and have selected him for assignments as vaired as a morning talent for an Oldies station, station image voice for an Urban franchise, and most recently producer of radio creative in support of a major regional music and ministry tour for 16-24 year olds. He grabs concepts; he brings fresh POVs; he delivers. Have an audio project? Take the opportunity to discuss it with Rick.”

Jonny Filsinger, Shelby County Sheriff Department – Memphis

“Rick and I have worked on close to 100 projects through the years. I have never been disappointed with his work. He is a perfectionist in every thing he has done. His work is of the highest quality and always consistent. When our office requires a male voice talent, the first person we contact is always Rick Tarrant.”

Chris Franklin, CB Video & Design


“Rick Tarrant is a creative writer and voice talent. He is consistent with his professionalism and creativity. He also is delivers excellent work in a timeline that allows CB Video & Design to meet deadlines.”

Bill Rock, Show Host, Sirius XM Radio

“When I was asked by Sirius management to be the first voice ever on Elvis Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio, we were starting something totally different than anything else that existed in radio. Shortly after, Rick was hired as PD of this unique property. We were in uncharted waters; one radio station playing just one artist 24/7. Keeping the sound both fresh and spontaneous, especially with an artist who died over 3 decades ago, was a challenge. Rick was able to meet this challenge plus he brought a home-town Memphis flavor to the work of the King of Rock and Roll. This “experiment” in radio not only survived but flurished to this day where I do a Saturday evening show. Working with Rick was a real pleasure. Rick has the ability to be both innovative and creative as well as being receptive to ideas from others. This is a trait that is essential to be a successful programmer. Plus, Rick can execute as well as manage. He has a solid radio and production background. But most importantly to me Rick is a kind and caring individual who not only creates but listens, making him both a great colleague and friend.”